We are every woman – we are mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers and daughters.

Reproductive health matters at all stages of our lives and we will need support at different times, from relationship and sexual health education; affordable and accessible contraception; sexual and reproductive health services; comprehensive pregnancy care; reproductive cancer care; and menopause services. NWCI’s Every Woman model of comprehensive reproductive healthcare services will ensure quality, universal, lifelong reproductive healthcare for women and girls in Ireland.

The National Women’s Council of Ireland’s (NWCI) mission is to lead and to be a catalyst in the achievement of equality for women.

We are the leading national representative organisation for women and women’s groups in Ireland. A non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation, founded in 1973, we seek to achieve equality for women. We represent and take our mandate from our over 190 member groups from across a diversity of backgrounds, sectors and geographical locations. We also have a growing number of individual members who support the campaign for women’s equality in Ireland. Our mandate is to take action to ensure that the voices of women in all their diversity are heard. Our vision is of an Ireland and of a world where women can achieve their full potential in a just and equal society. By ‘woman’ we refer to any person who identifies as a woman.