Every pregnancy is different, every decision is personal


Our hope is to build a sensitive and inclusive consensus that acknowledges people’s experience of pregnancy and family life in all its diversity and complexity. Our aim is to build a shared understanding of what reproductive services we need that will enable all women and girls to realise their potential. This means facing, with honesty, openness and compassion, complex issues relating to life choices, fertility control and pregnancy care. We invite others who share our hopes and aims to join us in this conversation.

‘We had wanted children together. We had had children together.’
Sandra’s story

‘The nights and the bottles and the feeding and changing. I did it too.’
Denis’s story

‘I used to know exactly how I felt and now I don’t?’
Bríd’s story

‘Of all the ways I ever thought I’d feel about us having a child, it was never this.’
Seán’s story

‘I can’t not trust another woman to know her own mind, her own body and her own life.’
Agnes’s story

‘I chose to do something that you didn’t have any choice about’
Jennifer’s story