Every Woman – NWCI’s plan for reproductive healthcare


We are every woman – we are mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers and daughters.

Reproductive health matters at all stages of our lives and we will need support at different times, from relationship and sexual health education; affordable and accessible contraception; sexual and reproductive health services; comprehensive pregnancy care; reproductive cancer care; and menopause services. NWCI’s Every Woman model of comprehensive reproductive healthcare services will ensure quality, universal, lifelong reproductive healthcare for women and girls in Ireland.

Every Woman and the Eighth Amendment

Abortion and its place in the Constitution of Ireland is a highly contested issue that leads to emotionally-charged and polarised debate. We know that for many people it is not the most important issue on the current political agenda. Few people think about abortion and pregnancy care until, for whatever personal reason, they have to think about it. In addition to those in urgent need of care, we know from our members that the Eighth Amendment casts a shadow over the daily lives of women and girls. It needs to be resolved for everyone’s benefit.

Our hope is to build a sensitive and inclusive consensus that acknowledges people’s experience of pregnancy and family life in all its diversity and complexity. Our aim is to build a shared understanding of what reproductive services we need that will enable all women and girls to realise their potential. This means facing, with honesty, openness and compassion, complex issues relating to life choices, fertility control and pregnancy care.

We invite others who share our hopes and aims to join us in this conversation.
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